Experience the NutriGrow difference

NutriGrow is Western Canada’s largest manufacturer and marketer of amended soils and composts. We operate from nine locations, handling more than 300,000 tonnes of organic streams annually to produce beneficial end-use products for horticulture, agriculture and site reclamation.

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NutriGrow is proudly partnered with the Arrow Group of Companies to provide affordable, timely, and reliable bulk deliveries across Western Canada. Our high-quality, cost-competitive bulk soil solutions are possible thanks to our ability to combine the products, services, and capabilities across the Arrow Group.

Why Work With Us?

Customized and turnkey supply and delivery services.

High-quality, nutrient-rich products.

Improve soil structure and productivity.

Contribute to a circular economy.

A wide-range of products used in various applications.

Work with a trusted and experienced partner.

I’ve been applying compost at my organic vineyard in Lake Country over the last few years to improve the native soil health. NutriGrow provides me with a high-quality certified organic product that is suitable for application on my organic farm. They continue to provide us with great products matched with world-class trucking services. It’s been a pleasure working with the NutriGrow team so far.

– Jerry Wowchuk, Blind Tiger Vineyards.


All soils and composts are locally made and certified by qualified professionals.