About Us

Western Canada’s largest manufacturer and bulk distributor of amended soils, composts, and mulches.


NutriGrow has been manufacturing premium products since 2010. Rich in colour and nutrients, NutriGrow’s products are improving soil health, stability, and productivity across British Columbia.

NutriGrow’s high-quality, cost-competitive bulk soil solutions are possible thanks to our ability to combine the products, services, and capabilities of divisions across the Arrow Group of Companies. Our parent company, Arrow, and its affiliated businesses are leaders in bulk commodity hauling, reload operations, soils solutions, reclamation and earthworks, civil construction, and technology.

NutriGrow’s bulk mulches, amended soils, and composts are being used in horticulture (including wineries and nurseries) and general landscaping applications; to improve agricultural soil; and to reclaim disturbed land, including mines and gravel pits, and along energy rights of way.

Experience the NutriGrow Difference

All soils and composts are locally made and certified by qualified professionals.