About Us

About Us

NutriGrow is a soil solutions company built on a commitment to responsible biosolids management in local communities.

Biosolids are an endlessly renewable resource. Working with landowners, governments, biosolids producers, and other stakeholders, NutriGrow identifies innovative ways throughout the supply chain to put biosolids to good use.

Environmental Sustainability in Action

Every municipality has to manage the biosolids generated in their community. When you send biosolids to a landfill or incinerate them, you lose an opportunity to use them for something good. The sustainable way to handle the waste our communities produce is to recycle it into something we can use again. Soils enhanced with biosolids are safe, socially responsible, and environmentally sound, and are used around the world to reclaim disturbed areas, develop land, and improve nutrient-poor soil.

Customized Solutions to Meet Client, Partner, and Community Needs

We always start our projects by defining what success means to everyone involved. NutriGrow customizes our soils and biosolids management solutions, project by project, to help organizations and communities achieve their specific environmental goals and address the challenges of responsible waste reduction.

Improving the Land Organically

We manufacture soils enhanced with biosolids—an endlessly renewable resource—because they restore nutrient-rich organic matter back the land for the benefit of plants, people, and the environment. The nutrients and organic matter found in composted biosolids and amended soils feed our land, improving its stability, health, and fertility over time. Adding biosolids to our soils helps reduce runoff and soil erosion, boosts plant growth, and limits the need for chemical fertilizers and irrigation water.

Protecting Where We Live

NutriGrow and its parent company, Arrow, have safely and successfully handled biosolids in communities across British Columbia for more than 20 years. NutriGrow facilities, soil solutions, and the other services we provide meet and exceed strict quality standards and regulations, with independent experts monitoring our activities at every step of the way.

NutriGrow: Inspired by Nature. Proven by Science. Organic by Design.

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