Through a strong partnership with the Arrow Group of Companies, NutriGrow provides customers with mid to large-scale bulk transportation services and the unparallel benefits of Arrow’s logistical network. Arrow hauls more than eight million tonnes of bulk freight across British Columbia annually, utilizing modern equipment and minimizing costs and greenhouse gas emissions through maximized backhaul opportunities.

We deliver NutriGrow products across Western Canada.


NutriGrow provides a full suite of agrology services focused on organics, soils, and nutrient management. Our agrology services include land and soil quality analyses, nutrient and soil handling, management plans, and permitting support.

NutriGrow Qualified Professionals work with landowners, industry, and communities to help them understand and improve the land available to them.


Demand for soil amendments and composts for use in reclamation projects is high, especially in areas lacking suitable topsoil. The cost associated with their transport often limits market access to these remediation products.

NutriGrow utilizes the Arrow Group’s vast transportation network and the services of its environmental division to provide a vertically integrated one-stop solution for reclamation soils and application programs, all of which are in partnership with local Indigenous communities.


NutriGrow understands that like each customer, every project is unique. We offer custom soil solutions tailored to our customers unique needs and specifications. Our collaborative approach involves understanding client requirements, and offers personalized recommendations, ensuring our soil blends are optimized for specific application and end use.

Additionally, we offer native soil testing to accurately assess existing soil conditions, enabling us to create the most suitable and effective custom blends for each clients specialized project.


All soils and composts are locally made and certified by qualified professionals.